Knowing what you like and sustaining that interest.

It was one fateful morning, i had woken up like everyother day but something was different though; there was a sudden realisation that was accompanied by great confidence, i had finally decided to share with my folks what i really enjoyed and wanted to become……. “Ore(my real name) was going to become a Chef” and the urge to share with my parents was so overwhelming. But it wasn’t all fun and games before this moment, prior to this point i never had the courage of even welcoming the thought of letting people know i wanted to become a chef; i felt i would be laughed at or even scolded but like they say,  the boy will become the man. 

After sharing this revelation with my mom and dad,  there was obviously going to be reactions, some favourable, others not so much and this was about seven years ago,  i’m 20 now. My dad thought this was some wishful thinking and i wasn’t really serious while my mom on the other hand understood(no wonder i’m closer to her). Of course i wasn’t happy with my dad but knowing him i knew he would come around and rightfully so he eventually did. 

The plan was to go to the University, get a degree and then i could face what the culinary world had to offer but i’m afraid this hasn’t entirely been the case.  I’m in my third year now with my final lap looming closer than ever but the problem is that i losing interest in what i once thought was my destiny. It should be established that this did not start today,  i started noticing this drift about a year into my studies and at first i thought it was just due to my change in environment and i could overcome it but fast forward two years later,  the drift has gotten worse.  I try to console myself everyday that the Love will come back but you and i know better than to engage in “wishful thinking”.

It remains to be seen if i will ever become the great Chef i had envisioned…. Who knows?  You can say for sure…. …Hopefully though it will be. 

Above is an image thats expresses quite a lot pain.

Life is full of ups and downs; some of us are actually not happy about our current situation due to experiences we may be having. These experiences sometimes drive us mad, literally mad sometimes. Questions are raised within us……we ask ourselves,” why am i unhappy?”, ” how can i be satisfied with my current position”?, “why is life so hard?”, “will i ever attain greatness? These things keep playing in our minds and most of the time we are not sure if we will overcome them. But it should not be like that, we should not act like the delirious man who literally yanks his face off, we should strive to find something hopeful even in the dirt(not sure if my analogy makes sense). Life isn’t a bed of roses, there will be hard times. 

Look at that man again and think deeply if you would really like to be him.

Does “Society” make you feel this way?

I know I feel this way sometimes and I wonder “why do I let society get the best of me?”……..Am I weak? Am I naive? Am I that flawed? Am I plain old stupid? But at the end of the day there’s one final question, “Ore(my name which means gift), do you think millions of other people around the world feel the same way, if not worse?”. 


I wake up sometimes and one question keeps bugging me…..WHAT DO I DO AFTER SCHOOL WITH SOCIOLOGY?

I’m in my  third year now studying a four course(which i feel is too long for starters) and the harsh reality is creeping in. It must be said that this feeling is not only experienced by me but by a whole lot of my friends who are constantly worried about what the future holds. We find ourselves in a society where “good” jobs are hard to come by, and even when gotten come with a lot of baggage. 

My dad has always said, “Son! If you really want to have good prospects, you have to back this up with a Master’s degree” and in my mind i ask myself, “is this what life has come to?”.

It remains to be seen if i’ll be getting my Post graduate degree in the future but one thing is for sure… I’m definetely going to be great, one way or another( a good way preferably).

If you ask me today what kind of jobs one could get with a Sociology degree my answer would be ” i havent the foggiest!”…..this is because there are no true definitions of what type of jobs are out there for us. But besides school a lot of us students do things on the side that we really love(forget Sociology) and this serves as another avenue to make it in life. Areas like baking, photography, music production are some of the ways we do what we really want.

Handcrafts are good, i’ll say but education makes it easier to tread on those grounds

To think my University changed my course from Chinese to Sociology……i most definetely would be in China now.

Inter-house sports!!!!

I remember my first inter-house sports event as vividly as i remember Man United’s Zlatan scoring two goals in the EFL cup final. As a little boy then i could not suppress my excitement of participating in very “important activities” ( sack race, fill-the-cup……). That was the height of it back then but with advancement in my years came along other events like sprinting and the likes. That’s a summary of my childhood school sports story albeit a badly crafted one, what’s yours?